Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Poem: Corporatocracy


The decisions are made in the shadows
Where the big-monied interests can thrive
Manipulating systems of power
As they keep the illusions alive

We can reference democracy’s standing
A republic’s the story some tell
And the tea-drinking masses can swallow
All the Kool-Aid that business will sell

It’s the bankers, CEOs, corporate interests
That devise all the rules to the game
‘Cept for sprinklings of progressive rebellion
Politicians are a lot of the same

Regulations are weakly concocted
Though they will sing us the “stifling” song
And the tax rules overwhelmingly favored
The richest of rich all along

The media won’t spotlight these actions
And the ignorant pull ‘gainst themselves
A small oligarchic construction
As the rest of our interests are shelved

And this teabagger movement is nonsense
For it fights for the richest man’s cause
Where the cause is moralistically lacking
As the ones most in need it ignores

So the dance is congressional illusion
It is fraudulent and merely for show
The outcome’s determined in darkness
Where the powerful interests can grow

Copyright SGW 2011