Sunday, October 2, 2005

Poem: Lost

First off, mom, don't have a nutty. I just decided to post this poem today.

"Lost" is meant to be read as a frantic, manic run-on sentence. That's the mood of the piece. It was written, essentially, in one breath. The original had no corrections on it; the pen simply kept going.

One more interesting item about "Lost" is that it was written a week before I discovered the musician Sarah McLachlan and her semi-breakout CD, "Solace." The fifth song on that album? "Lost." I have been bonded to McLachlan ever since.


I am lost in this life
And I'm not sure what brings me this strife
Where did I go
How to find me ... I might not know
But I'm sure ... I was once here
Somewhere near
Yet now so far away
My life seems to stay
And it keeps me searching still
For the will to go on
When I doubt the man I've become
And I'm not one with myself
And the pain inside my soul
Keeps me from being whole
So I look deep within me
All I see
All that's there ... is a pain inside my heart
To the point I now start ... to doubt
Why I'm here
What this existence is about
So I cry in the night
For this life's nowhere in sight
Or within grasp
As I gasp ... for a breath of refreshing air
Or a break in my despair
So I resign myself to this
There is no joy or happiness.

Copyright SGW 1992

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