Sunday, May 17, 2015

Poem: Tree Pollen

Tree Pollen

Trees are a beauty of our natural world
Magnificent forests through their growth are unfurled
Needed for life in multitude image
Landscapes of greens as a picturesque visage


For three weeks in spring they’re my most mortal foe
When tree pollen falls and soft breezes blow
Tree reproduction produces miserable condition
Nothing relieves whether pill, drops, physician
Eyes start to itch ‘till I rub the skin red
Nose is congested as to weigh down my head
Sneeze, and I sneeze, then I sneeze yet again
Sniffle, nose running, scratch my eyes, sneeze and then
More sneezes, more sniffles and my eyes are now blurred
Massive allergic reactions my whole life have occurred
Pollen covers my car and it fills up the air
I sneeze yet once more and no tissue I’ll spare

Copyright SGW 2015