Sunday, January 30, 2005

Poem: Passion To Hate

With the Oscar talk having spent so much time on Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" not getting a nomination for best picture, I was reminded of the below poem. The slanted, hate-filled, distortion that was Gibson's film merited no reward. It was nothing more then another Gibson movie replete with gore, senseless violence and melodramatic stereotyping. "The Passion" tied in nicely with the misuse of religion that fundamentalist zealots in the United States perpetrate with increasing frequency to promote their ungodly use of Christianity to separate and injure. Religion in this country has been utilized as a tool of intolerance and fear; toward Progressives, Jews, Muslims, gays, minorities, foreigners, secularists, and those who are not absolute extremists in their Christian beliefs. This poem was written directly at the hatred that Mel Gibson gave us in his movie. It seems appropriate to those sentiments brought to bare by the religious zealots throughout the U.S. to share it now.

Passion To Hate

Passions good and bad reveal
At times can mask what we’d conceal
Hatred springs from bitter gardens
Fuels the soul it feeds and hardens
Buried deep of misconceptions
Paints with brush of blind deceptions
Finds the words to suit its goal
Quick discards the truth in whole
Picks and chooses to breed contempt
The lies contained in warped relent
Hides behind a worshipped veil
A godlessness in full detail

Copyright SGW 2004

Footnote: This poem was created with divine inspiration. However, I made my bed all by myself(a reference to Mr. Gibson’s comments during a TV interview).

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Anonymous said...

Awsome words; so very true.