Monday, May 16, 2005

Red Molly

The trio of Laurie MacAllister, Abbie Gardner and Carolann Solebello are Red Molly. Red Molly is a gift to the ears and senses, as they bring together three angelic voices to form a harmonized, sweetness that is unmatched. These ladies weave sounds into simple arrangements that will grab your attention and leave you wishing they would play forever.

The threesome all can sing lead vocals, play a wide array of instruments, including Gardner's haunting dobro and joyful mandolin, and easily slide in and out of different musical genres that make it hard to fully classify them. Red Molly can bring pop, country, folk, and bluegrass to the table, but also a strong taste of the Appalachia-based sounds that many people will recall from the popular "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou" soundtrack.

All three women display their own talents individually, but as a unit are something special, and to hear them perform can only be described as time spent with heavenly sound. They feature a 4 song EP, with one flaw - it is not a 10 song CD!

MacAllister, Gardner and Solebello are down to earth, friendly sorts, who wear their love of song on their faces as they play. They mix easily with the crowds they perform for, and seem to be among friends in the grace and warmth they provide and receive. Abbie will even play dobro, or the funny looking, hanging, sort of guitar thing, along roadsides for curious passersby (you had to be there).

If you have the good fortune to live near a venue they are playing, check them out. If not, buy their EP. Please, please, please ladies come back and play here again soon!

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