Sunday, December 9, 2012

Poem: Sculptured Garden

Sculptured Garden
The world lies removed
Sculptured garden's quiet
Only cascading water speaks
And with soothing voice

The world can go on,
For a small time, without me
Sit to take in this peace
Copyright SGW 2012


Paula Cerbone Oldham said...

So simple and beautiful, yet so true!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Paula! I see you've found your way to the poetry. :-)

My Bravo 95 said...

I can completely relate to this - the feeling of utter peace, but also displacement, somehow, that you get from sitting in a quiet garden: "removed" is the perfect word here, because of those positive but also slightly negative connotations that hint at isolation but also promise peace.

Unknown said...

Thank you! Glad you took so much from this.