Thursday, February 2, 2006

Poem: State Of The Union

State of the Union

State of the Union is completely a mess
President Chen ... um Bush ... should be forced to confess
Talks of Iraq, as successful, he's thinking
Can't help but wonder what exactly he's drinking
Troop strength is slipping, while insurgency lingers
Osama bin Laden has escaped through our fingers
Threatens Iran, but it's empty and hollow
Imperialistic designs, now the world will not follow
Ahmadinejad is crazy; he's a threat to this nation
But so are police states and their secret creation
Wiretaps, surveillance, the Constitution dismissed
Declare people traitors who attempt to resist
Meanwhile the country is awash in division
When a leader won't lead us, there's no hope to envision
Sacrifice New Orleans through negligent planning
While flames of corruption he is willingly fanning
Our resources, play things, he will sell with no thought
When it comes to the planet he is paid for and bought
And so on and so on, it's a litany of failing
No matter the lies he insists on detailing
The State of the Union has been sullied and tainted
Least with his daddy, the worst was he fainted

Copyright SGW 2006

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