Friday, December 2, 2011

Poem: Music

Music(Dedicated to Jerzy Jung, Cat, Novae, and Matt Kay.)

Melodies lift me to spirits removing
Notes of the singer
Gently fine in the soothing
Lilting, the voice of a graceful, soft soul
Connecting the chords as embracingly whole
Strumming guitars
Tapping ivory with touch
All sounds of the music I love oh so much
Strings adding body
Or drums for the pace
A world without song is a world I'd not face
Closing my eyes as each word grabs my being
Every line in a song leaves new stories for seeing
As rhythmic waves bring caresses to heal
This musical ocean is the cleansing to feel
To swing and to sway with a full-measured voice
Heavenly rising within rapturous choice
In music's a closeness to God everlasting
For the heart left adrift there's a line that He's casting
Artistic endeavors through the music discovered
A touch of true beauty in the sounds left uncovered

Copyright SGW 2003

*Inspired by every musician who has left their imprint on me, and shared their gift. More of my poetry is based on the sounds I have heard than on any other form.

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