Thursday, January 20, 2011

Poem: Boo


My special friend and roommate
Belly laugh inducer
Patting my chin with outstretched paw
Demanding a scratching
Let’s crawl about together
Lie in the soaking sun
Meow at the birds

You snuggled up beside me through my multitudinous struggles
Greet me at work day’s end
Sleep by my side

Head butts and kneading

So now, you and I,
We will enjoy our time together
No more false and torturous “treatments”
Let’s laugh together while we can

And then I will remember

Copyright SGW 2011


Anonymous said...

From your heart to his. Mom

Michelle Hix said...

I like it. :-)

-rachelleeashlee. said...

I love this!

STP said...

Thank you. Hard piece to write right now.