Sunday, January 8, 2012

Poem: Cliche Poet Voice

Cliché Poet Voice

Step to the mic with a purpose
Unfolding their papers; commencing
Crowd sits attentive to listen
For all that the poet’s dispensing

But many are no more than just speakers
Pretending they’ve crafted a form
Reading an essay or sentences
It is mostly quite endlessly long

Poems, or “spoken word” missives
Lacking any stylistic device
The pretension of artistic creation
In its ease it must surely entice

What more are they doing than talking
Or reading, more descriptively true
Turning their pages and pages
And pages and pages, they do

At times they dispense with the paper (Wow!)
For they have memorized their mind-numbing tripe
So as they wave with their arms all a flutter
They're the dance of a sham archetype

But the piece de resistance – the vocals!
The cliché of the “poetry sound”
Voicing indignation or fervor
It is common and too commonly found

Copyright SGW 2011/2013


Cheoy Lee said...

My favourite lines were

Turning their pages and pages
And pages and pages, they do

Because you don't expect pages to spill over onto the next line like that but it's a really effective way of getting across that tired endlessness of reading that you describe.

Unknown said...

Thank you!