Sunday, May 22, 2005

Star Wars - Episode Three

Ok, I feel the need to add my two cents to the Star Wars commentaries floating around the blogosphere of late. Lucky for me, I have a blog! What do you know, a forum to say whatever I want!

I saw the movie today, and while I would say the first hour was horrible, it then went into hyperdrive, came together and got the job done.

The first half of the movie was disjointed, seriously flawed, filled with childish dialogue and was the equivalent of a bad, B movie. Some of the lines were so cheesy, I felt the need to take a lactaid pill. Things just happened and I found myself yawning at the simplistic rescues and battles. Count Dooku was dispatched with no drama. General Grevious was a pointless character that lost me. R2-D2 did have some classically, funny moments.

Then Anakin begins to turn and the story finds itself. His conflict is heartfelt. The irony of his turning to the darkside being the cause of what he feared most to happen, was clever in its development. The political lines that everyone has referred to were, for me, poignant nonetheless, and DID reflect modern events whether intentional or not. Democracy does fall apart behind false patriotism and cheers.

The routing of the Jedi was well done, although Mace Windu's fall was a bit disorganized. Finally, the dual battles between Yoda and the Emperor and Obi-Wan and Anakin were high drama with all the glorious power built from the nearly thirty years of their ultimate anticipation. Also, tell me you were not among the crowd who laughed aloud as Yoda shoes aside the guards right before his battle begins. Equally, tell me you were not in awe as Anakin becomes the Darth Vader we all know as he takes that first breath. Brilliant!!

All the pieces find their place as the story winds down and we are led to the place we began back all those years ago. Aspects of the recent movies, from Jar Jar Binks to terrible Anakin acting throughout, were at times hard to bare. However, the homestretch made it all worthwhile.

May the force be with you.

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