Friday, December 24, 2010

Poem: Black Swan

Black Swan

(Inspired by and “written with” the aid of Natalie Portman’s brilliance)

I lost myself in you

Consumed by the purity

Purity held, lost, convinced of

Who are you

Who am I

The sheltering womb consumed

Fragile lies unreachable dreams

Devouring the mind, spirit and whole

I lost me in you

In me

In this

As I reach

And grasp

Hold for all to see what I’ve attained

But what is real

But what is me

What is this

And I die

Wrapped in the blood of

Perfection’s duplicity

Copyright SGW 2010

Note: Who/what devours Nina? Is it the controlling, slightly demented mother? Is it her own innocence at war with the hunger of her just out of her grasp/within reach dream? Is it something inside her too in opposition with itself to live after it is discovered?

Note: I wrote this with uncontrolled passion. It was completed instantly. I was left exhausted and needing to re-find myself upon completing this piece.


-rachelleeashlee. said...

I love it.

STP said...

Thank you. A very powerful performance led me this way.

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Fenny said...

I have not seen the movie yet ... but will for sure after reading this ... if it's half as good as your poem ... it'll be time well spent ... really wondrous and gorgeous poem ... best wishes

STP said...

Thank you, Fenny. You will love the movie!!

Art said...

absolutely brilliant, I know why you were exhausted after writing this, it is a very powerful peice. Natalie Portman would be very proud to inspire such poetry:)

STP said...

If you bump into Natalie, tell her to come read the poem. Always have loved her.