Thursday, January 1, 2009

Poem: Brushstrokes


You never spoke in honest specifics
Said little … at least to me
You claimed … actually, almost nothing
From my perspective it was an easy way out
And such a disservice to the “us” we’d built
‘Least that is how I remember
I’ll never know how your mind spun
You only wanted openness in everyone else

Copyright SGW 2009

Footnote: For my poetry challenge from Jodi (Paisley) on a memory I share with someone else who holds a different perspective of that event. Again, a bit of a twist on my part.


paisley said...

oh i am thrilled with the outcome... i do so love the precision with which you choose your words.. i am often lengthy and drawn out,, painting too much picture,, and not leaving enough to the readers imagination....

oh scott this was wonderful,, thank you so much for choosing my suggestion as your inspiration for this wonderful piece....

i chose to work with the same topic in my post today on ...why paisley???

you can find my response here:

d'arcy noor

SandyCarlson said...

There is a palpable loneliness in this one, Scott. It's a great piece.