Saturday, September 18, 2004

Poem: False Portrayals

False Portrayals

Greed seems pervasive in every decision
Hiding their truths with a willful precision
Actions they take they deny through revision

Harming a nation through ill-thought out planning
Damage consuming a worldwide-felt spanning
Hatred and failure in winds they are fanning

Speak of religion in guise of believing
Hearts of the masses their game of deceiving
God’s been ignored in the lies they’re conceiving

Mask their contempt in a homespun portrayal
Quick in the judging a dissenting detail
Measured for morals, they repeatedly fail

Waving the flag to bring out valored rejoice
The time they should stand up; a chicken-hawk choice
If sacrifice needed they’ve quieted voice

Fervor to bask in patriotic devise
But love for this country their strongest of lies
Republican virtue an empty disguise

Copyright SGW 2004

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