Sunday, April 25, 2010

Poem: Teabaggers


Unwilling to learn;

Intellectually lazy and incurious.

Rants against Wall Street;

But oppose regulation.

Cries o’er a debt burden.

Where were the voices during Ronnie and George?

“Take our country back!”

Does the white hood still fit?

Signs opposing socialist healthcare,

For a plan with Dole, Romney and Nixon roots.

This is the time of the teabagger,

And not much thought or reason.

Copyright SGW 2010


Haven Fairfield said...

I didn't have the balls to write this. I'm glad you did.

Unknown said...

Well, ball, if you've read my cancer history. That said, thanx, but no big deal as teabaggers don't do much reading, so they are unlikely to stop by here.