Sunday, March 19, 2006

Poem: Fuller View

Fuller View

I've taken to pen with disturbance of mind
My left-leaning brethren all too often seem blind
We rightly condemn all the fools we've "elected"
And also appointments that they've wrongly selected

Liberals blast Israel for oppressive enactions
But if we take time we'd notice our misguided reactions
It's not that it's wrong finding Israel in error
Yet look at surroundings and see a life full of terror
While Palestinians suffer in unsavory position
It's in Arabic countries of their gravest condition

And I don't wish to make any blanket declarings
Still the need for some fairness is a call for comparing
When the Towers were falling many found cause for singing
At the feet of dead soldiers, cheers to Allah they're bringing
Mohammad's portrayal revealed justified fury
Yet the Jew as the devil is a daily-shown story
If American forces so much as walk in a shrine
Desecration is hollered as an unholy sign
Temples once built as a haven for psalms
Destroyed by the evil of sectarian bombs

The point I am making is our shadows are dark
Answers are fleeting, seeming vague more than stark
Hatred is hatred by degree and relation
Until all is accounted then none find salvation
Excuses disable any chance for redemption
Whether Jew, Muslim, Christian, no one gets an exemption
Joy over suffering or a glee in one pain
Regardless of source, it leaves an unrighteous stain
When respectful, compassion for all sides can be nourished
Only then will we find that God's loving has flourished
None get a pass until all live in peace
And all live in peace when the hate comes to cease

Copyright SGW 2006

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