Monday, June 6, 2005

Poem: Brass Stand

Brass Stand

Downing Street Memo offers treasonous tale
Lies and deceptions in fullest portrayal
Agendas conceived through a misguided route
Hunger for power what it’s truly about
A leader’s betrayal of the people and nation
Manipulate "data" for the truth’s desecration
Reasons were given, though none of them real
Men lacking virtue are content to conceal
Recklessly foolish turned to suffering and dying
Spreading of freedom? Bullshit, they’re lying!
Where are the weapons or terrorist linking?
Contracts for cronies was all they were thinking
Wasted Iraq in a ruinous destruction
All’s been provided is contempt and obstruction
War was devised in a pre-measured planning
Flames of aggression fed with purposeful fanning
Evidence ample to impeach and convict
Crimes were committed that the press won’t depict
Abusive behavior of this fascist regime
Sacrificed values and a country’s esteem
Steps that were taken still demand an accounting
Neglect in reporting is increasingly mounting
To these men in the shadows any silence is golden
Masking the schemes onto which they’re beholden
When the media’s quiet in a note of compliance
Hope makes a stand in a Big Brass Alliance

Copyright SGW 2005

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