Sunday, May 15, 2005

Poem: Trial For Error

This poem comes color-coordinated so as to point out what would be clear in an oral performance of this piece. There are four main characters.

1. The brown text is a background voice that repeats throughout the poem almost as a whisper;
2. The red text represents President Bush speaking and presenting his case in defense of himself;
3. The blue text represents the progressive voice of the nation as the prosecution in this trial;
4. The green text represents the jury and the reading of their verdict.

Trial For Error

Mr. President, present your case;
Ideologies that you embrace.

I’m fightin’ terruh,
And freedom’s spread.

We’re less secure;
Our soldiers, dead.

Bin Laden’s hiding.
Hussein’s been caught.

Bin Laden’s free.
Iraq was bought.

A threat’s been beaten;
Them nuke’s denied.

There was no threat,
And nukes? You lied!

I’ve cut your taxes
And ... and ...

...the rich empowered.
You’ve robbed the poor;
Corruption’s flowered.
Paid off cronies;
Succumbed to fear;
Divide the nation;
Destroyed what’s dear.

My core of values;
Faith is strong.

You’re moral-challenged;
Beliefs are wrong.

I won election.
My mandate’s rollin’.

A narrow margin;
The vote was stolen.

Your verdict’s rendered;
The sentence gained;
The lasting mark,
A country stained.

Copyright SGW 2005

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