Sunday, October 10, 2004

Poem: The Hours

I had a deep appreciation for the three life choices in the movie, "The Hours."

The Hours

Darkness creeps from deep within;
Consumes the all about;
Twisting, turning disrepair
That fills an inner doubt.
Entangled threads that fray and split;
A tear of inner core.
Roots of life begin to pull,
With pain one can’t ignore.
By suicidal tendencies;
Of masks in hidden gloom;
The Hours fraught with endless time
From which its tickings loom.
Choices life or choices death,
Sometimes the path away;
Choices fear or choices dread,
Or chance to live each day.
Darkness creeps from deep inside,
As currents sweep the skin.
Gasps for air in choking lungs,
As means to ends begin.

Copyright SGW 2003

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