Saturday, July 30, 2016

Poem: Weathered


Struggles we’re given leave their lasting impression
The damage they’ll do of often random expression
We can tilt at our windmills; hope to fend off the blows
And plan as we might as life’s laughter still grows
No one escapes regardless effect and causation
We rebuild in the face of each new devastation
A truth universal is we all must endure
What the storm will break down the new day can restore
The waves beat relentless with unwearied pulsation
Firm we must stand for the length of duration
At the end of the onslaught the clouds might disperse
Things could be better, but they could also be worse
We all hold a strength inherently willed to survive
Dormant foundations can, with time, yet revive

Copyright SGW 2014

1.  This poem is directly inspired and based on Jerzy Jung’s song, “In Waves.”
2.   In describing the song at a performance, Jerzy stated, “Rebuilding in the face of personal devastation.”  I used that line almost completely in this poem.
3.  The use of the word “Waves” used in this poem is a hat-tip to the song.
4.  The use of the word “Strength” used in this poem is also taken from Jerzy’s song as the destination to where the overcoming of hardships will come.  Strength of self, but also others who love us.

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