Friday, December 21, 2007

Poem: Labor Pains

Labor Pains

Gestation times vary within certain ordeals
For the re-birth of life from which darkness conceals
A second chance granted in the depths of despair
At the vanquishing moments we appeal for repair
Time clips our wings by a mystery’s endeavor
We think we have answers; we think ourselves clever
Yet the path has its rhythms inconsistently flowing
Swept away by a faith built of trust ever-growing
As the child breathes in life from impossible blessing
Beholden to wonder mixed with fears of regressing
When the too many heartaches scar the mind to forget
And an emptiness breeds on a sea of regret
Chance to encounter what we’ve lost hope of finding
Where the sun meets our stare it is bound to be blinding
Yielding to forces quite beyond contemplation
Understanding will grow as to purpose and station
Story moves forward watching swiftly turned pages
As the dream turns a key to unlock all the cages
No point and no reason for a frustrated yelling
Embarking with questions but there’s time for the telling

Copyright SGW 2007


Jodi Barone said...

"Where the sun meets our stare" feels like the culmination again and again...what can we do but lift our hearts toward the light?Thank you for this thought provoking poem.
jodi barone

STP said...

And thank you, Jodi, for your taking the time to dig into my mind's expressions. I appreciate it so very much!