Friday, July 29, 2005

Poem: George Bush Is An Asshole

George Bush Is An Asshole

Corrupted regime is imbedded
In fabric of governmental design
Now we are stuck with an asshole
Unless he is forced to resign

He smirks and he grins from his pulpit
Mindless in directive and plan
When the nation was facing its terror
He revealed himself half of a man

Extremist and radically driven
Zealotry stems from his soul
Only when all can be conquered
Will he attain of his ultimate goal

Condemns and eschews moderation
He’s devoid of all ethical traits
What is not absolute to his favor
Is assigned with illogical hate

A legacy built upon ruin
Of people and programs destroyed
His time in the White House remembered
For the ruthless betrayals employed

Representing the worst in our nation
His minions a dastardly crew
All we can hope from the people
They’ll awaken to turn more states blue

ht SGW 2005


Kat Mortensen said...

Love the line: "His minions a dastardly crew"

This reminds me of a poem I wrote as a youth. It was about Hitler!

Good stuff. I applauded loudly at the end of Moore's film "Fahrenheit 9/11". (I was the only one, sadly).

I have my blog set up for owner approval when someone comments and it's helpful if a person comments on an older post. Otherwise, you've no way of knowing.

Unknown said...

You are from Canada, so I am surprised. Most non-Americans hate Bush, and now we Americans are learning, too. His approvals are about 30% now.

This post gets a lot of readers. No comments since my older version of Poetic Leanings had them and I could not restore the comments easily.

Kat Mortensen said...

Ah, it's not so much that they weren't of the same mind. I suspect they were just too afraid to make a statement. Even my husband looked at me strangely. That's the Irish in me.
Besides, I don't live in one of the major cities, so they are a bit more restrained here --unless of course it's a hockey game!

Unknown said...

Well, at least they all were likely in agreement. Restores my faith in Canada!

Kat Mortensen said...

I sent you a link so can get a "backwards bush clock" for your blog. I saw it on Lulu haiku and thought it was perfect for you.

Unknown said...

I will look. :-)