Friday, April 25, 2008

Poem: Altered


Said my goodbyes to the words in my head
The rhymes and the reasons long since are dead
Shut out the symphony that played requiem song
Notes that were beating to a man who has gone
Torn down the barricades that blotted the course
Put out to pasture the wounded-leg horse

Banished the victim that sat in the dark
Watched as the wreckage boarded boats to embark
The suicide mission left a corpse of the soul
Bit on the bullet that ate at the hole
As the lyrics are written on the tomb of demise
All the old pieces are broken down lies
Pretend that the missing are remembered in time
They’ve given their speeches and fallen in line

Quiet excursions clear the mind for re-birth
Perspective yields promise of a widening girth
Fed from the blessings at fortitude’s table
Found myself hungry and found myself able

Copyright SGW 2008


Scott G said...

I love it and I am not even completely sure what it means. You knwo it is good then.

Unknown said...

Thanx. Imagine how I feel; not knowing what it means! ;-)