Saturday, September 2, 2006

Poem: Muffler

In a meditation circle, one person mentioned how her muffler had fallen off her car. She was very self-conscious driving, for fear she would disturb others along the road. This evolved into a discussion on how we muffle ourselves as people. Oh sure, no one wants to hear the noisy car on the local roadways, but wouldn't it be great if we did not feel the need to stifle who we are as people so often in our daily lives?

This is what the poem below is about. There are times to be discreet and "muffled," but they should be so much less frequent then they seem to be.


The muffler fell off my metaphorical car
And I am free to be
Be me
Whatever that may infer

No longer stifled by conventional device

I will be the poet
Dance along the yellow dividing line on Main Street
Seek a meditative awareness
Walk through a sprinkler's mist
Admire a pretty image

My muffler fell off ... Hooray!
Watch me laughing

Copyright SGW 2006

1 comment:

Kat Mortensen said...

I think my muffler falls off far too often - gets me into trouble more often than not.