Thursday, January 20, 2005

Poem: Violet

Ok, the flower ended up not being what I had hoped. I still like the poem, though, and it is the first mushy, romantic-like piece I have shared on Poetic Leanings.


Firm in measure, yet gentle flower
Warmth and strength of equal power
Petals worn by wind’s resistance
Life bestows a willed insistence
Softly, sweet aromas giving
Fragrance holds the joys of living
Sets a mind in peaceful dancing
Attractions draw the eyes to glancing
Picks the spot to share her blooming
Blossoms full when not consuming
Beauty masks a timeless aching
Battles fought, an undertaking

Keep a hope the violet chances
Dwindling fears of new romances

Copyright SGW 2005


Parisa said...

Beautiful . . .

STP said...

Thank you, Parisa. I value your kind word.

Ian said...

I think my friend violet will like this poem

STP said...

I see a lot of people from Turkey stopping by today and reading this poem. I would be so happy if one of you would tell me what is bringing you all here and why.

I do appreciate you passing through and I hope some of you like this poem.