Sunday, February 13, 2005

Poem: The Winter Of Our Discontent

The Winter of Our Discontent

It was the winter of our discontent,
Ethan’s better life had came and went.
Though all around had thought him more,
Then just a clerk at some local store.
While in his heart he built a stir,
Those that knew him most subtly would infer ...
How in his blood was fortune sure,
To be of wealth he could not ignore.

So the gentle heart was stripped away,
A life of integrity became yesterday.
Respect long built soon tossed aside,
For a head held high after years denied.

A price was measured to be content,
For riches gained he became hell-bent.
A childhood friend led to a death of drink,
And an offered partner betrayed in just a blink.
The steps soon taken had seized his place,
But his loving daughter he could no longer face.
He’d taught her well what goodness meant,
How could he explain to her where his heart was sent?
With courage not to face the sins he bared,
Or most of all the little girl for whom he cared.

He walked to the sea to take his life,
With just a gentle kiss goodbye for a loving wife.
But as he stood immersed in death in the raging tide,
He saw at once what his choices had since implied.
Our discontent is built of what we perceive,
What we make each day is the best we can achieve.
To his daughter this lesson must be preserved,
So as to ensure her righteousness goes undeterred.
Back home he strode for a long repent,
To endure the winter’s discontent.

Copyright SGW 1997

Footnote: Inspired by John Steinback’s classic “The Winter of Our Discontent.”

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