Saturday, February 23, 2008

Poem: Wandering


Worlds outside beckon
Sweet reward of hidden gems
Promise of blessing

Contentment washes
O’er skin that yields to lushness
Of new days in dreams

*Of news in dreams

Copyright SGW 2008

* Footnote: The footnoted line was originally typed in for this poem as the last line. However, based on the confusion in one of the comments to this post, I looked it over and realized a "mistake" from the original, hand-written version. So, the "correct" line now reads: "Of new days in dreams." That said, I am leaving the "mistake" as a footnote that can be substituted. Other comments liked this poem with the "wrong" line, which lends to the idea of the beauty of interpretive art. We, as writers, write what we are thinking or feeling in a given moment. Once those thoughts find their way to the minds of other people, they can be translated into meaning different things. I love that some of my pieces connect with people in ways that were not intended by me. Therefore, for those of you who read this piece with the "wrong" line, clearly the inner workings of my mind as I typed had something going on that I did not know about when writing this poem originally. Enjoy in either form.


Anonymous said...

It starts out with a cold lonliness but ends in a rush of warmth. I like it!

Sara, from Poets Who Blog

Anonymous said...

Yeah, such various temperatures sure put the mood in swinging motions. Cools.

Kat Mortensen said...

I'm really confused by this one, Scott. I get the first verse, but the second one has me puzzled. I think it's the last line. No. It's one word "lushness". The sun? The bed? Help me out.

Unknown said...

See my footnote for a semi-explanation, Kat.

SandyCarlson said...

The world's promise of blessings is a rich image. I sure do love both variations, Scott.

Anonymous said...

That is interesting. The mistake was still perfect, for some readers, in its own way. It made like feel a connection and what more can we ask from poetry?

What a cool footnote for this poem to carry. Both versions work for me. But I still like the first one best.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I like the poem and your footnotes are fascintating. I think there is so much space between what the poet writes or says and what the reader reads and the audience hears.

Unknown said...

Thanx all for playing along. I enjoyed the reactions and the added dimensions stemming from the two forms.

Anonymous said...

I like this poem because though it seems short/bare it is very positive and gives wandering a sign of hopefullness (hidden gems)-beautiful!

(birdsword poetry)

Unknown said...

Thank you, Roberta.

djWhite said...

Wow! I saw the title of the poem and had to come. That's the title of my poetry blog Wanderer's Nook.

I like the brevity of the piece. I think it's a good write. I like the way you explain yourself at the bottom of the poem.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Deborah, and I will have to stop by and see your Nook.

Anonymous said...

Very nice and dreamy little poem

Isn't it great that aside from the obvious everyone takes home their own interpretation coloured by their own experiences
and/or expectations

Unknown said...

Yes, I love it Fenny. Even when someone goes in a direction that is completely the opposite of what I wrote about it is wonderful.