Monday, March 27, 2006

Tina Vero: Award winning musician

Tina Vero has been garnering attention of late for a four song CD release. One song, “Nowhere,” was runner up in the AAA/Alternative Category of the International Acoustic Music Awards. No arguments with that, as the songs on this CD are all gems. It would seem that the worst criticism that can be leveled upon Vero’s effort is that there are only four songs to enjoy, when one craves so much more.

With guitar playing hinting of Ani Difranco, and a soft, yet powerful voice reminiscent of Dar Williams and Jonatha Brooke, Tina Vero weaves stories of vivid imagery and complex musical arrangement. Together, these tools provide Vero with an ability to bring about a discussion of life’s experiences in a way that is uniquely her own, yet familiar, too.

The previously mentioned “Nowhere” has brought Vero acclaim and it is the portrayal of a person’s conflicted emotions of regret and longing that make this song stand out. Vero writes of love beyond grasp and a loss of control as life marches on. However, she does so with a free-flowing sound that points to moving forward whether we want to or not.

The CD opens with “Angel Chasing” and its haunting guitar and vocal arrangements. This song speaks with a combination of innocence and subtle frustration. The struggle that is life is depicted with a searching and uncertain touch, but it is within this lack of clarity that Vero finds a voice so true to life.

“Memory of Me” picks up this inner conflict in the form of the proverbial loving passing in the night. We make mistakes, choose the wrong paths and are unsure if what is right is within our capacities decide upon. Vero does not provide easy answers, but instead shares the turmoil of emotions with a pinpoint accuracy.

The final song on the CD, “Try,” begins as a placid piece, only to give rise to a forcefulness that we are unaware of until it is fully engaged. Speaking again of the past, Vero reveals discord, this time in whether to recapture something lost, move on or learn from the experience.

Tina Vero’s intricate writing style could easily overwhelm her musicianship and voice were she not equally adept in these two forums. Her guitar playing can be soft and tender or driven and fierce. She has the skill to meet any challenge instrumentally.

Vocally, Vero is an angel. Yet, once more, she is hardly one-dimensional. Her sweet voice ranges from the soothing to the fiery. She is at once reflective and then intensely strong. In listening to Vero, one cannot help but gain a sense of her passion for living and her search for something more.

Tina Vero is a singer-songwriter who will stir up the pot and, with an unusual rawness and integrity, will provide a portrait of human frailty. She displays life within the context of emotional fluctuation. Could anything be more honest? If you wish to be challenged to think beyond boundaries, you will find a friend in Vero. You will also be granted the chance to hear a beautiful voice and inspiring tone.

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Anonymous said...

Indigo Planet Records wanted to bring to attention that award-winning NYC-based singer songwriter Tina Vero has just released a new EP with songs produced and backed by the members of Suzanne Vega's band, and we thought that fans of Vega and her band might be interested in hearing it!