Saturday, November 13, 2004

Poem: Fear And Hate Is Jesusland

Sometimes I just cannot help myself in ridiculing stupidity. This poem is directed at a large segment of the population who have turned religion into a home for extremism based on exclusion, hatred, simple minds, excess, denial, and fear. This is not an attack on Christianity, but the version being practiced by far too many in large swaths of the United States. Anti-gay, anti-science, anti-immigrant, anti-secular government; there is no difference between American fundamentalism and the Middle Eastern fundamentalism we rage against.

Fear And Hate Is Jesusland

Give me a white man;
Christian values at core.
Faithful, with ethics;
His morals are sure.

Don’t want no homos
And their cultured disparage.
Gay folks love Satan,
In their ungodly marriage.

Afraid they’re contagious.
They’ll peak at our butts.
Our children infected
By these heathenest sluts.

Neighborhoods ruined
When the nigrah invades.
Can’t they be happy?
At least they’re not slaves!

Hispanics, we’ll court you
‘Cuz votes we still need.
But keep a safe distance;
We beg and we plead.

Jews and their money
Are scheisters and lawyers.
American values;
The greatest destroyers.

Foreigners, liberals;
Secularists, too;
We fear all these people
And likely hate you!

Copyright SGW 2004

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