Monday, September 27, 2004

Poem: Lies Behind the Smirk

Obviously, this was written a few months ago, as the death toll has continued tragically upward from the level stated in the poem.

Lies Behind The Smirk

Twelve more young soldiers have died once again.
Six hundred and counting with hardly an end.
Justification for actions had been borne from a "threat."
Weapons discoveries; we’ve not found any yet!
Distracting the mission from where the danger still lies.
Motivations of power, though our "leader" denies.
Iraq’s for the oil, and the truth sits here bleeding.
While they mock all dissenters, no one is leading!
Loved ones are slaughtered in a shameful disgrace.
Bush speaks before us with a smirk on his face.
His family’s in bed with the oil regimes.
The monies exchanged have only fed our worst dreams.
Saudis and extremists and Republican power;
The root of the cause of this terrorist hour.
And while enemies flourished in the Afghani distance
Our arrogance pulled us with wrongful persistence.
Until now we discover Iraq awash with insurgence.
We opened these doors for more terror’s emergence.
This quagmire was built with a foolish portrayal.
And our country’s been duped by this greatest betrayal.
The love ones since lost, we can never replace.
Still Bush stands before us; fuckin’ smirk on his face.

Copyright SGW 2004

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