Sunday, February 2, 2014

Poem: Ostriches


They are flat-earth in thinking
For no proof will provide
The reasons for changing
Toward the facts they’ve denied

Our climate’s been altered
What we’ve done is at root
A snowfall in winter
Doesn’t make this point moot

Half-wits won’t notice
‘For their head’s in the sand
While our ice caps are melting
They pretend all is grand

Sandy served as precursor
For the floods will soon come
As the coastlines we live on
To the oceans succumb

Temperatures rising
To unmatching, new heights
Earth-cracking droughts
There is no end in sight

We consume, we devour
And we squander at will
Unless we evolve
Our demise we’ll fulfill

With unfettered destruction
And the fools of FOX “News”
The threat is expansive
There is too much to lose
Copyright SGW 2014


miss pie said...

there is nothing so sweet as a politician poet... and thaz not a bad thing... so clearly written and all so inclusive I could not help but to sigh and nod in between the intervals of breathing...

Unknown said...

Aww! The ostriches might not agree, but thank you. You just made my day!