Saturday, May 5, 2018

Poem: Chui


Trees are my domain
Resting regally
Surveying horizons
Piercing eyes stare out

Nothing betrays calm
Waiting to spring out
Climb down from my perch

Hunger drives my time
Swalapala graze
Perhaps songura
Nyumbu, with luck
Cunning guides my course

You will not see me
Until I am there
Falling upon you
Did you quite suspect
Though no matter now

Belly full of meat
Again, I lie here
In the branches; high
Simba skulks below
Laughs of fisi range

This branch, sacrosanct
I sneer for effect
Mostly hold contempt

Drift off to sleeping
Dreams of future hunts
Trees are my domain

Copyright SGW 2018

Footnotes: Chui is leopard; Swalapala is impala; Songura is rabbit; Nyumbu is wildebeest; Simba is lion, Fisi is hyena.

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