Monday, May 12, 2014

Poem: Round Pegs

Round Pegs

Finding the answers is forever elusive
Questions can linger; denial’s conclusive
Surrounded by laughter yet alone in the void
Inevitably given, any hope is destroyed
Passersby linger for a moment’s reprieve
But passersby pass; by definition they leave
Some offer wisdom, say the time is at hand
As if snapping of fingers brings the dream on demand
Others, a promise in their smiles and words
At the end of the day not a voice can be heard
So build a safe mask to convey the false picture
Lie to the thoughts to constrain the self-stricture
When push comes to shove, all the shoves push the limit
Clock has been stuck on this singular minute
Deserve so much better but no solace admits
Stuck with round pegs; into square they’ll not fit

Copyright SGW 2012

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