Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Poem: The Bush Doctrine

The Bush Doctrine

Borne in deception where lies fed a war
Iraq was a crisis self-imposed to the core
Unreasoned destruction formed by treasonous action
Neo-con zealots in their radical faction

Opportunities faltered to strike the root of the terror
Relied on militias in our Afghani error

The course of the problem drifts once more toward a failing
Though we speak of success it’s a fool-hearted hailing

Pushed to a corner by our stubborn emissions
Two axes of evil form their nuke-plan admissions

Terrorism spreads through the friends that we coddle
Egyptians and Saudis have their hands on the throttle
Oppressing their people while condoning fresh hate
Wahabbism’s flourish in the mosques seal our fate

Antagonism grows as we trample the world
With the path we are lost down ever slowly unfurled
Soon be discovered what the Bush plan has crafted
Our sons and our daughters off to wars will be drafted

Imperialistic design won’t let freedom take hold
Democratic ideals lose their hope bought and sold

Copyright SGW 2005