Saturday, October 16, 2004

Poem: Jersey Shore

I have written many times about the Jersey shore, and many more times I have found it to be my favorite place to write about anything. It is my place for peace, soul searching and escape. It is often my sanctuary and connection to God. I enjoy just sitting, listening and watching. And I enjoy walking barefoot in the outer limits of the surf. I hope this poem provides a strong taste of imagery that expresses a bit of what I mean and feel.

Jersey Shore

Could never exist in life removed
From peace I so adore
Happiness always lies within
Spent time on Jersey’s shore
Sit for hours and close my eyes
Taste the ocean’s soothing breeze
Stand along a quiet tide
Toes touched in gentle seas
Waves beat endless ‘gainst the rocks
Forever joined with sure resistence
Clouds sit high to met horizons
As gulls glide in the distance
Children surf upon the water
Dogs in frisbee’d-chasing pleasure
To and fro the people pass
In boardwalk, journeyed leisure
As daylight fades with setting sun
The air brings cool remind
Alone among the countless stars
Of God, the shore’s defined

Copyright SGW 2004


Kat Mortensen said...

I love this poem! It calls me back to the Atlantic beaches of my mom's home, Cape Breton Island. I feel the pull of the waves, smell the ocean, see the gulls and feel God's presence too.

I really like the last 3 lines particularly. The word "remind" is well-manoeuvered into place.

writerwoman said...

This poem definite felt like it had movement in it, like it can take you from a cold winter in chicago to a warm beach in jersey.

paisley said...

i was there but once,, in may,, so it wasn't in full swing,, and i never got the sense of belonging there you have captures so wholeheartedly here... you make it sound... like heaven....

Unknown said...

Come give it another try sometime! Oh, and thank you. If it sounds like heaven, I must have captured what I feel there. I live 20 minutes from the Jersey coast.

Anonymous said...

Lovely images of the beach, combined with spirituality. Wonderful poem. How fortunate to have a place in your life that inspires you in so many ways.