Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Poem: Quick Burning Candle

Quick Burning Candle

We are the enemies who we’ll never give fight
Lacking a will for resisting our plight
Spirals are endless in consuming decay
Stuck with no logic to a selfish display
Cultured indifference that belies dangers grown
Destruction assured if our ways don’t atone
Framed by old patterns of harmful neglect
Solutions to problems we ignore and reject
Disdainful obsession of a sacrificed calling
All feel entitled but the greed is appalling
Answers passed over for the future to handle
Yet the flame of existence is a quick-burning candle
Awash with contentment though the failure’s abounding
Dismissing the warnings becomes blindly astounding
The enemy’s ourselves in decisions unmade
What once built this nation has since been betrayed

Copyright SGW 2004

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