Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Pierces: Light of the Moon

How can it be expressed on these pages how beautiful the harmonies of Allison and Catherine Pierce can be? Sitting and listening to The Pierces on their just released CD, "Light of the Moon," it is easy to get lost in the textures of these two sisters coming together in each song that make melodies that weave their voices into one perfectly blended sound.

Having seen the Pierces perform on several occasions at "The Saint" in Asbury Park, which is the best place for great music on the Jersey Shore, I eagerly awaited their CD release party tonight. The CD is equal to the anticipation. Every song finds new treats of how well Allison and Catherine become one when they sing. They have been called the female Simon & Garfunkel, but that comparison misses the mark. Their tempo is quicker, and besides that, why call them the female anything!? They are good enough to be The Pierces, and that is saying a lot. Favorite tracks? "Tonight," "Save Me," "Patience," "Give It All Back," and "I Should've Known," but you will not go wrong with any song on this CD.

Written interviews with the sisters reveal that they were a bit disappointed with the CD because it was "over-produced." While it is true that "Light of the Moon" brings much more production then their live sets (which consists of two voices and one guitar), it is hard to determine which is better. What a pleasant dilemma.

I urge anyone who loves good music to head on over to The Pierces' website. Buy the CD! Find a gig in New York or New Jersey to check them out live. Make your own choice. You can't go wrong.


Anonymous said...

it's great!
do you know where can i download the 1 and 2 cd?

Unknown said...

Pierces' Website to find links to purchase their CD's.