Thursday, January 12, 2006

Poem: Life Of A Leaf

Life of a Leaf

Conceived within spring’s nurturing warmth
Full of life
Proudly adorned
Held high in the sky.

Standing strong through summer’s unfailing heat
In rain
Thunder and lightning
With each hazy morn
Remaining intact
Stemmed to hold ground against the wind ...
Secured to one spot
A limiting view.


Into the breeze
Given flight
Over rivers
Through meadows
Past houses, cars and barking dogs
Without any control
Gaining insights into the world around.

At rest.

Fall’s approaching touch
Days grow shorter
Nights colder
The bright color of youth
Now aged and dulled
Not so proud
No longer high above the earth.

Left without the soft texture once owned
Slightly brittle
Best moments having passed
Fleeting time
Winding down.

One final joy
Children smiling
In and out
Happy to be a part of their game
The life of a leaf.

Copyright SGW 1997

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andavane said...

This wistful poem reminds me of a parable I heard on All India Radio once, concerning a devoted love between very different people: A leaf, and a small clod of mud:

The leaf was afraid of being blown away from his family in the forest, and the clod of mud was scared that it would rain, for he loved the slender green leaf and didn't want to be dissolved. "Don't worry" said the leaf, "When it rains I'll cover you to keep you dry".
"And when the wind blows," said the mud, "I'll lie upon your softness, for my weight will not permit you to be blown away". And so the love of this very different couple went on for many long days, until the leaf grew old as summer turned to autumn.