Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's Just Sex

Ok, that title will get hits for sure! I am referring to the Two Roads Theatre production written by Jeff Gould and directed by Rich Shaw, which I had the pleasure of seeing in Los Angeles recently.

I highly recommend this smart and sassy play on relationships, with a few twists. Gould has written some wonderful dialogue and most of the cast does a great job of taking those lines and putting comedic timing at the fore in bringing out the humor and perceptiveness within them. Particularly good are Tommy Hinkley, as Carl, the free-spirited, open-minded husband, of Kelly, played by Jackie Debatin. Both are on the mark throughout the play and exhibit strong chemistry. They are given great material, but it is up to them to deliver it, and deliver it they do.

Seth Peterson, as Greg, is a bit wooden, and Scott Klace seems slightly miscast as Phil, Joan's (Rebecca Staab) philandering husband.

The play explores infidelity, love, mid-life boredom, aspirations, and much more. It's Just Sex is well worth taking in. Two Roads Theatre is a small and quaint playhouse, with an apparently limited budget (they hand out pieces of chocolate before the show and the lobby is not much larger than a closet), but it provides a sense of closeness with the three couples involved in the emotional roller coaster that love and sex bring about.

In L.A.? Go see It's Just Sex.

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