Thursday, May 17, 2012

Poem: Coffee Ice Cream

Coffee Ice Cream

There is never enough coffee ice cream consumed
With each cup, cone or bowl-full a next is assumed
I could skip any meal for this one special treat
If it met all my health needs, it would be all I would eat

Haagen Dazs, Days and Thomas Sweet’s are a few
Premium samplings of supreme ice cream brew
Slum with B. Robbins and an “Eh” Turkey Hill
Rita’s Ices discovered has coffee ice cream to kill

And a coffee ice cream made cake that my sister devised
Left in the freezer one evening, perhaps slightly unwise
A lunch-stop near Sparta and Moonstruck I found
Serve coffee ice cream – they can expect me around

Coffee ice cream, coffee ice cream in my Jerzy Jung mug
Just give me some scooping of my cold, ice cream drug
Coffee ice cream, coffee ice cream and I always want more
Where the ice cream is offered you will find me for sure

Copyright SGW 2012


Igloo said...

I like the way the repetition of "coffee ice cream" enacts the sentiment of the first line "there is never enough..." - it's repeated over and over but indeed isn't enough!

Unknown said...

Thank you!