Saturday, October 25, 2008

Poem: RSVP

My niece is being Bat Mitzvahed in December and the invitation arrived the other day. I am used to the RSVP card having a box to check for whether you are coming or not. This one just had a space to write whatever you wanted. The limerick below resulted. Oh, as the envelope said Scott and Guest, and I am single, I thought Boo would be welcome, but my sister nixed that idea.


An invitation by mail did come
And Jessica Fitch it is from
It says bring a guest
Maybe Boo I’d suggest?
He would settle to eat bits and crumb

So yes I shall gladly attend
RSVP by the post I do send
Not a chance I would miss
With a hug and a kiss
I will be there from starting to end

Copyright 2008

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