Thursday, January 10, 2008

Poem: Discomfort

Poets Who Blog's challenge prompt was the word "comfort." I mulled the word over in my mind for a few days before sitting down at a Starbucks and realizing that too much is currently in a state of discomfort for me, and, as such, even my comfort zones have become something less. The poem below was the result.


With cravings of an addict
Lying beyond grasp
Once known, but now elusive

A million contentments fade
Old haunts seem just that
Panic breeds on unmet needs

The pen reveals surprises that are not

Copyright SGW 2008


writerwoman said...

Panic breeds on unmet needs

awesome line. It rings true.

Thanks for taking part in PWB's prompt.

Unknown said...

Comfort can be so hard to find
sometimes it's only in our mind

But comfort is something we all need and crave
From the time we are born
until we are stuck in our grave

SandyCarlson said...

The phrase "surprises that are not" suggests a certain comfort with self that is very engaging. Beautiful lines God bless.

paisley said...

With cravings of an addict.....
Once known, but now elusive

you have no idea the truth this holds for me... that hole.. the place that is perpetually empty....

lovely words of discomfort.....

"my destiny"

Scott G said...

Another excellent work. I think there are many that can relate

Unknown said...

Thanx to all. This was a particularly interesting piece developmentally because of it being based on a prompt and my mind being in a place opposite of the word being prompted.