Sunday, August 17, 2008

Poem: Bobby


Impassioned every action
Evoking strong reaction
Caring for the masses
Cut through separate classes
Hungered for solutions
Soul of revolutions

The last honest man

Black or red or broken
Concern was never token
Heard the quiet voices
Refused to buy false choices
Spoke what needed speaking
Justice was his seeking

The last honest man

Bullet pierced conviction
Conscience was its victim
Future lay there bleeding
Within we’re self-defeating

The last honest man

Forty years since wasted
His vision barely tasted
No one burns his candle
And none assume the mantle

Of the last honest man

Copyright SGW 2008

I have always admired Robert Kennedy and consider him a hero. After recently completing Thurston Clarke's "The Last Campaign," detailing the 82 days of RFK's presidential bid in 1968, I am more convinced than ever of Bobby's greatness and what he would have done for this country. Kennedy, in my opinion, would have brought people together in ways beyond imagining, would have helped heal a broken nation and represented an opposite path from where we ended up walking - Nixon, Watergate, Reagan, beltway indecision, etc...,

President Robert Kennedy might have been one of our greatest presidents; perhaps only surpassed by Washington, Lincoln and FDR. We will never know for sure - we have a way of destroying the answers to our problems - but oh how we needed Bobby then. And oh how we need him today.


Poetikat said...

Hi Scott! I noticed the title of your poem on Blogrush and I just knew before I even opened it who the subject was.
Very nicely done. I agree, he was someone not to fail to remember for the caliber of his leadership and who he was as a man.


STP said...

I wrote the footnotes, of course, but in titling the poem I intentionally named it just "Bobby" for precisely the reason of that being enough.