Saturday, February 12, 2005

Poem: Freedom and Justice

Words hijacked by a fool have made them devoid of meaning. Dedicated to George W. Bush.

Freedom And Justice

Freedom and justice
Words of conviction
Losing their meanings
Smothered in fiction

Lip service slogans
Used for misleading
Covers the lying
Truth’s often fleeting

Fed to the masses
Lacking discretion
Forcing a program
Mindless obsession

Thoughts put to action
A mixed up ideal
Soon is discovered
What liars conceal

Freedom and justice
Define false resolve
Senseless destruction
No words can absolve

Masking their purpose
Agendas are planned
All that’s accomplished
Is death on demand

Copyright SGW 2005


paisley said...

well no wonder,, this one is really catchy!!!!

SandyCarlson said...

Thanks, Scott. This reminds me there's always a story behind a story behind a story.
Writing in Faith: Poems

Mandy said...


As I posted elsewhere the powers that be (in most every country) are Cynical Usurpers of Non-understood TerminolgieS - which remark I hope you will not take as being offensive. War is what is obscene.

STP said...

Mandy: Not offended. You did not say that I did not understand the terminologies. I agree that most people do not. After all, when I used to ask my dad how Ronald Reagan was elected, he would say, "Scott, 75% of the country thinks professional wrestling is real."

Jodi: I see you!! I see you!!

Pam said...

The way that is chosen to the end is the direct mirror of what the outcome will be. I always look at what is being proposed by leaders as the end result of something in light of the process that is being used to get their.

Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

What a statement on modern culture . . .


DRESS BLUES, at Nickers and Ink

Anonymous said...

I can see why you had to go back to's perfect!!