Monday, January 28, 2008

Poem: Nothing Gets Better

Tonight, President Bush will lie to the nation one last time about the State of the Union. Oh sure, he's going to lie many more times in the next year, but this is the last official speech before Congress and the people. So, given all the lying he will share in a few moments, I give you ...

Nothing Gets Better

Show me the weapons
No al Qaeda tie
Greeted as liberators?
All was a lie

We helped terror’s spreading
Created chaos and hate
A country unraveled
To an ungoverned state

Pitted Sunni verse Shia
Granted Persia a friend
Too many dying
When will it end?!

We are the violence
Our presence the cause
Nothing gets better
As we break our own laws

The surge was no blessing
Just a misguided ruse
Though reported successful
It’s a fake “pick and choose”

We can thank ethnic cleansing
And the refugees flown
Al Sadr lies waiting
Militias have grown

Years keep on passing
With blood being spilled
It’s a war with no purpose
Yet a lot being killed

No solutions forthcoming
No master plan can arrange
The troops must come home
And the vision must change

Count the dead soldiers
Civilian lives that were lost
Nothing gets better
And it’s too great a cost

Copyright SGW 2008

1 comment:

SandyCarlson said...

Thanks for this catharsis, Scott. Great stuff.

My daughter is a Girl Scout. The community service part of this year's cookie campaign is to donate boxes to "the troops."

This made me nuts. This is not a just war but a pet project of a bunch of rich goons making plenty of money off of a crisis they engineered.

I don't see how the notion of hero applies to the serfs running around bearing the brunt of someone else's greed.

There. My catharsis. I hope you're having a great day!