Friday, August 11, 2006

Poem: We Are The Enemy

We Are The Enemy

Our righteousness shattered
The cause torn a’shred
Values once noble
Long gone and dead

Led by the mindless
War crimes the call
The hand of the sword
Is grasping our fall

What do we win
If the cost is the soul
Freedoms have vanished
Down a bottomless hole

A beacon of virtue
Now symbols to hate
Of cowboys and cowards
How sad is our fate

Won’t learn the lessons
Mindlessly act
Extremism’s flourish;
To ignore every fact

Adrift with no compass
Awash in the crime
We are the enemy
The past was our time

Copyright SGW 2006

Wingnuts will say, "See another liberal who loves every country but his own. Another liberal who would weaken America." That would be a typical response based on the fearmongering tendencies of the right and the insecurity they consistently show when anyone questions the idiocy of the Bush Administration's foreign policies and domestic tearing apart of our constitutional rights.

Sorry, wingnuts, but this poem is not about hating America. It is how our rudderless leadership in Washington has squandered our world position, weakened our security, caused terrorism to spread to places it had not previously existed, had a hand in countless and unnecessary death and destruction, violated the U.S. Constitution over and over again, narrowed our freedoms, and ... taken the United States of America and made it much less than the idealistic and exalted place I believe it once was and wish it to be again.

This is not a poem that hates America. It is a piece that despises those who have disgraced this country and made it something less. "We Are The Enemy" is a statement about George Bush and his Administration.

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