Thursday, December 16, 2004

Poem: Bounty of Cancer

Bounty of Cancer

An endearing smile
Surrounding me and encompassing my spirit.
Voice of brilliant, glowing textures
And the energy to survive;
Seeing hope beneath surfaces of struggles.
Compassion shared in these experiences;
Common battles; some won, some lost.
All fought earnestly
All building a family of understanding.
Intertwined paths and journeys
Knowing the fears, dreaded discoveries;
Diagnosed horrors.
Through shared and similar anguishes
The blessings of beautiful people,
Each with a hardship
Yet also mutual love and comradeship.
The bounty of cancer gained amongst one another.

Copyright SGW 2000


Kathleen Mortensen said...

This is a very nice, hope-filled piece. Did you share it with the ones with whom you have the bond?

STP said...

Yes, if you look at my link list of artists, Lauren Hart is the musician this is about and she is very aware of it. I will see her in two weeks at her latest CD release party,