Monday, August 4, 2008

Poem: Moments


These are the moments for glory;
The peaceful solitude of the world,
Where water falls, birds sing and times pass.

Silence permeates the wood.
Sun glistens upon the worn skin of earth.
And nature’s song beats like harmonious laughter.

As the unspoiled promise to Heaven’s door,
Residing in a hidden enclave of dreams,
In a mist of cleansing breath;
An awakening sprouts forth from within.

Just for one fleeting moment.
Just for one fleeting moment.

Copyright SGW 2008


SandyCarlson said...

I wish those moments weren't quite so fleeting!

I love this, Scott. And I love the idea of all those natural sounds comprising a harmonious laughter.

Anonymous said...

This is so inspirational ... love it!

Unknown said...

Thank you both. Your words mean a lot in general due to my respect for your artistry, but in this case, they mean even more because this poem is special to me.

SandyCarlson said...

Thank you for stopping by, Scott. I always love to hear from you.