Friday, May 27, 2005

Poem: Further From Heaven

Further From Heaven

Self-righteous, radical with Republican wrath
Preaching, beseeching, consumed by their path

Masking an image that’s compounded in fear
Lost in believing and forgotten what’s dear
Speak with hypocrisy;
I’d say forketh tongue
Imposing their morals on the world their among
Morals, ha, simply, they seem to more lack
Sadly, in living only know white or black

Where they’re mistaken is in God that’s been twisted
All about Jesus, though his love they’ve resisted
How can one worship at some heavenly alter
Yet in calls for acceptance, they repeatedly falter

Inflicting an ethic that is base isolation
What they don’t understand gains assured desecration
Where science speaks clearly, their blinders obstruct
Cattle are leery from the times they’ve been fucked
(Shout out to Neal Horsley!)

Condemn what was born as an evil devise
Mindlessly fearful in all this implies
Cheat and they steal, and abusively given
This is the road onto which they have striven

Where is the charity?
For whom do they pray?
Any sensing of virtue is their lifetime away

Copyright SGW 2005

1 comment:

Kathleen Mortensen said...

It's a sad statement that those who profess to be Christians demonstrate themselves to be quite to the contrary. There are fortunately, some who are justly deemed so.