Sunday, October 27, 2013

Poem: Fanatics

Fear takes its measure in infinite shaping
An ignorant basis there can be no escaping
Intolerant, fanatic, often religiously zealous
Cling to a panic that is fervently jealous

Limited thinking is the fabric it’s sown
Science discarded, fact-based reason disowned
Blindly accepting carnival barker’s lament
They preach as if righteous; somehow heavenly sent

They can only find comfort in what their mirrors reflect
Frightened by difference; twisted cause and effect

Racism bred from an uncertain dread
“Brown people coming and a black as our ‘head’”
Create boogeyman government to nourish their story
The more they can fear then the more to their glory

Twisted and tangled in deformity of view
The fear’s all they know, so they mindlessly do

Copyright SGW 2013

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